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User Introduction / Hello from a "German Girl"
February 13, 2012, 04:12:15 pm
Hi, Omid, I might be an infrequent member here but I have to visit once in a while. You and some others here know me already. For others: I like to write ( published author) and to read, to learn and to live. I would also like to dance if my knees were not that old, and I would like to sing, if my voice would be not that antique either. I am married since 55 years and my hubby and I immigrated to the Unites States in 1984 from Germany. We are full-time travelers...I know that calling ourselves "modern gypsies" is unfair to the Romani People, but that is what we are doing, living in a big Fifth Wheel...our house is on the road every 2 weeks or so.
I am very tolerant of all religions as an "Agnostic with Taoistic Views" and cherish personal freedom. Despite my age I am very open when it comes to humor, to a certain naughtiness... I am a Scorpio....