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Started by Omid Farhang, April 22, 2013, 04:44:06 pm

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Omid Farhang


I tried this Cheeseburger last week and tasted soooo good and I recommend it to you too!




that does look yummy Omid.... would you try this one

Omid Farhang

Oh, That made me hungry!


well that one is made with a glazed donut.... it does look interesting.... and might be willing to try it sometime


I like omid's choice, cain't imagine a hamburger with a donut bun ' lol

Omid Farhang

Just keep in my mind to make it with limited amount of Mayonnaise, I used TOO MUCH Mayonnaise for it (almost x2 or x3 of what it says), it were tasty that way, but later it will bother your stomach because of too much fat.


too much mayo is never good :(

Omid Farhang

Yeah, never, tasty... but you will regret